All of our therapist are Hypno-Reshape practitioners. Hypno-Reshape is a 12 week program which was created by David Finch, you can read about the program in his book. To buy a copy click here.

Here is what one client said:

“I’m finding it much easier to say no to food once I’m full. Before the start of this program I would just continue eating until I felt like I couldn’t move. I would eat every last bit of food on my plate even if I was full and didn’t really need to eat anymore.
I now feel in control and don’t need to over indulged. I’m not constantly thinking about food, I feel satisfied with 3 small meals a day. I also feel a lot more positive about my weight and don’t feel the need to weigh myself all the time. I have a lot more energy and don’t cringe at the thought of exercise.
You’ve Reshaped my Mind”


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Hypno-Reshape is a highly successful weight loss and brain training program. Over 12 weeks you will enjoy a hypnotic experience and receive a MP3 player complete with relaxing, re-enforcing, and motivational recordings.

Other weight loss programs are available, details of these will be discussed during your free consultation.